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Without skewers and a charcoal grill, my husband makes excellent kebabs, I’ll teach you too, it’s not hard at all

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All our acquaintances admire my husband’s kebabs. He knows a few secrets that I would like to share. We won’t touch the subject of marinades and cooking degrees, we are only interested in cooking methods.

Get a shovel and some foil.

This is enough to grill meat on coals for a large party. We went for a picnic with some friends after work. There was no time to cook, so we took sausage sandwiches. My husband bought a bag of raw meat, some foil and a sheaf of firewood. I understood what nature stood for.

He had dug a hole about half a meter in diameter and 20 centimeters deep with a pioneer shovel (he always has it in the boot). He built a fire and cut the meat into pieces, each of which was wrapped in foil.

When the wood burned through, put the meat in a single layer, covering the coals. In 20 minutes, he turned it over, and in another half hour we ate a fragrant, smoky kebab.

Find the stones

Another way with foil, only you don’t need to wrap anything in it.

On holiday we went to the Caucasus, had a rest with a tent and met a family from Zaporozhye at a campsite. In the evening by the sea, we decided to cook the meat we had bought from the locals on coals, and the husband suggested an original method.

He heated some flat stones in the fire and then put foil on them. A kind of pan turned out and underneath were glowing coals. I put pieces of meat smeared with vegetable oil on the stones (so they wouldn’t stick) and fried them from both sides.

In half an hour we devoured the steaks with gusto and seasoned them with tkemali sauce. Try it, it’s delicious.

Use jars

My colleagues gave me a barbecue grill. I had forgotten about it, but somehow, on the way to the cottage, the spouse put it in the boot. But why – we don’t even have a barbecue.

After arriving, we had a breakfast of tinned food. Four empty tins, instead of putting them in a bin bag, my husband washed them and put them away. I only understood what for in the evening, when a fire was burning in a specially allocated place.

He made two holes in each of the cans (at right angles) with a wide screwdriver and stuck thick sticks of the previous day’s cuttings into them. On the resulting square with the cans in the corners, he placed the grate for the barbecue.

After waiting for the embers to burn, we fixed our structure over them and an hour later enjoyed the baked chicken with a golden crust.

Place the bricks.

Along the perimeter of the fire, to form a square, rectangle or simply an open tunnel, my husband places bricks. The distance between them should be equal to the width of the grate. If there is no grate – no problem: the meat can be strung on wooden sticks or rods of suitable length.

Do not use steel, copper and aluminum wires or welding electrodes as skewers – they give off harmful substances when heated.

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