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Why cats stare into space

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It’s no secret that pets sometimes behave strangely. Their certain actions defy logic. Many cats sometimes stare into space, which frightens some owners. This behavior is explained both mystically and logically. Let us understand what such strange actions of pets mean.

A cat stares into space: should you be afraid of it?

Some pets stare into space for obvious reasons. The fact is that cats have better developed visual organs than humans. The animal can see a fragment of a shadow on the wall or a glimmer of sunlight. In this case, the pet hides and looks at a spot, waiting to see what happens next.

What can attract a cat’s attention is dust, which is elusive to the human eye and floats in the air. Pets also react acutely to all sounds that humans often do not recognize. If the cat meows, this indicates the activation of the cat’s hunting instinct, which may have been awakened by a small bug or spider.


A cat recognizes what a human cannot see or hear, which is why it often stares into space

The hissing that occurs when a pet stares into space may indicate fear or aggression aroused in response to the appearance of unusual small objects in the field of vision. Kittens in particular can often be caught doing this. They often huddle together, listen and may stare at one spot for a long time.

A cat may stare into space or darkness if any objects, even the smallest, appear in its field of vision. This is due to the anatomy of the animals’ visual apparatus.

Some people believe that the pet may behave this way because of unclean spirits living in the home. Even in ancient times, it was believed that cats see the astral world. However, such an opinion has not been scientifically proven. Although many people continue to believe this and even believe that pets sense the souls of recently deceased people who are still in the house next to their loved ones.

Some very religious people believe that the moment a pet stares at one spot for a long time and stops abruptly, an evil spirit enters the animal. It was believed that a cat behaving in this way communicates with the spirit that lives in the home.

A cat looks into the void

Some people believe that a cat can look into the void because it sees a ghost

Followers of esotericism believe that members of the cat family have psychic abilities. This reaction is thought to be a special state of the pet when it picks up signals from the world beyond. All these myths are not proven, scientists only explain this behavior with the special sensitivity of the visual and auditory apparatus.

Once upon a time, a cat stared into space and began to hiss. Her fur even stood on end. I thought she was reacting to something supernatural. It got a little spooky. But when I got to the bottom of it, I realized that cats can see things that we can’t see. There is no mysticism here, on the contrary.

Peculiarities of the cat’s eye

Pets often behave unpredictably. Their behavior is difficult to understand. Sometimes they become active for no reason, or, on the contrary, they lurk in the corner. Some pets may search where nothing seems to be. Many people used to interpret this mystically, but in reality, cats are simply much more observant than their owners.

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