Which people are condemned to poverty: It is not an evil fate that is to blame, but a “bad head”.

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The cause of the poverty of some and the wealth of others often lies not in the fact that some were unlucky and the money bag fell on the head of others. But in the actions, the thinking that lead to this result. It is important that you channel your energy properly to achieve certain goals.

Fear of change

Often people who have a low income and have worked in the same position for years with no prospect of promotion are simply afraid of change. They are overwhelmed by the fear of not being able to cope with new tasks, they do not believe in their own strength. This prevents them from developing and somehow changing the endless day “groundhog”.

Work for work’s sake

Sometimes people prefer to have a low-paid position but with a stable, albeit small, salary. They say if you don’t have a dream, work for people who do.

After all, you can only be successful in a certain field if, trivial as it may sound, you enjoy the process.

Man spends most of his life at work, and if this activity is not in the enjoyment of it, the psyche and health suffer.

Self-pity and low self-esteem

It is impossible to become rich if you are constantly feeling sorry for yourself and lamenting your unhappy fate, observe the lives of rich and famous people on social networks. The latter is particularly destructive to the psyche.

Comparing your own boring routine with the lives of the rich makes you feel even more worthless. It lowers your self-esteem, spoils your mood and makes you spiteful and envious.


A poor person blames the state, the government, parents, anyone, but not himself. In fact, he does nothing to change the situation.

That is why passive people are poor, because they do not want to take responsibility for their lives or leave their comfort zone. They wait for someone to do it for them.

But the laws of the universe work differently. Success and fame love determined and hardworking people.

Television instead of books

Those who spend all their free time watching TV and scrolling through social networks instead of reading books will most likely not change their situation for the better. Because when you observe the busy lives of others, it seems as if they have everything in their world. But that is an illusion.

Spending more than earning

All those beautiful pictures on social media, successful bloggers with expensive phones in luxury flats have a strong influence on ordinary people. They want to live, not worse.

So they get into one loan, then the second, then the third to close the previous one, and so on in circles. They earn Br20 thousand a month and buy a phone on installment for Br100 thousand.

They do not save because they have nothing, they just live in the day. Instead of objectively assessing their real possibilities and expenses, they chase the good life and become even poorer.

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