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When a man comes to visit a woman: what things should he better hide in order not to spoil the impression of himself?

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If you have invited a man to visit, you need to get the house in order. The potential partner should have no doubts that you can surround him with comfort in the future. It is important not to overlook the details that are harmless at first glance and that will spoil the impression of the house.

Clutter on the dressing table

Personal make-up that you use to make yourself look fabulous should go somewhere else. Your husband might start to question your natural beauty when he sees your entire arsenal of personal care products.

Don’t leave a comb with hair and used cotton pads on the dressing table. Otherwise, the man will think you don’t know how to clean up after yourself.

Clues to a past relationship

If there are photos in your house with a past partner, it is better to hide them from the arrival of another man.

Otherwise, he might conclude that feelings have not cooled down and you are not ready for a new relationship.

The same goes for cards and souvenirs from the one you broke up with. Mentioning him and bragging about his gifts is not a good idea.

Scattered clothes

And lying on the couch, and hanging on the chair clothes before the advent of a man should be removed in the closet. Even though the shelves will be messy, that’s fine because the guest won’t notice. But clothes left open in places not meant for them will leave a bad impression. Your guest might think that you are sloppy.

Do not leave your underwear open, even if it is drying after washing. Otherwise, the guest may be embarrassed.

Magic attributes

Whether you are interested in magic or just for the sake of beauty, keep lockets, glass balls and fortune telling cards. It is better for a man not to see them.

These objects can make the guest think that you have bewitched him.

With women, of course, this should be a secret, but the magical attributes will arouse suspicion rather than interest in your partner.


Documents accidentally left in a prominent place will help a man learn more about you. And he may not like the information he gets.

If a man finds out about a loan or mortgage, it will have a negative effect on the prospect of a relationship together. Debt obligations to the bank may lead him to believe that you want him to help you solve your financial problems.

Lots of stuffed animals

A collection of stuffed animals should be hidden away before the guest arrives so as not to appear infantile. Men will not want to build a relationship with you if they think you are not serious.

The stronger sex prefer not to be capricious and dreamy, and self-confident and able to take responsibility for women. 

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