What not to do with empty glasses according to omens and common

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Keeping an empty jar at home is a sign of poverty, our ancestors thought. They believed that the proper handling of utensils affects the well-being of the inhabitants of the house. Many of these omens do not lack common sense and are still useful today. Cultural scholars have told us what ancient beliefs say you should not do with empty glasses to avoid poverty and misfortune.

Store at home

The ancient Slavs regarded a meal as a sacred act, hence the careful attitude to containers for storing food.

Jars and vases were believed to symbolize the house and therefore had to be filled with something. If a mistress kept empty jars at home, she was reminded that this meant poverty for her family.

The superstition is not devoid of common sense, because a large number of empty jars takes up space and quickly makes the home cluttered and a “bottle store”. Empty containers should be stored in a more appropriate place – barn, cellar or cottage.

Leave on the table

One of the oldest omens says – empty crockery on the table promises poverty and strife. Esotericisms believe the belief makes sense – empty containers on the table disrupt the flow of energy in the house. The result could be frequent scandals by housewives and sudden unrest in all areas.

But even if you don’t believe in the omen, it is not wise to put empty dishes on the table. It takes up space and creates a sense of disorder. It’s better to keep the table clean and free of unnecessary items and be mindful of the comfort of the kitchen.

Keeping it dirty

Our ancestors did not leave glasses and other containers dirty after use. They believed that this would make the housekeeper angry and damage the house in retaliation. Incidentally, for the same reason they did not stack unwashed dishes.

This is a good omen in terms of hygiene – dirty glasses can provide a breeding ground for the proliferation of disease-causing bacteria and larger parasites.

This is completely unsafe for the occupants of the house and especially for children. Therefore, containers should be washed thoroughly after each use and put away.

Returning empties

It is not customary to return empty cans borrowed from neighbors. To this day, many believe that it is necessary to return the containers with something in them – sweets, money or fruit.

In ancient times, it was considered a ritual gesture that promised prosperity and well-being for the owners of the house. Today, however, many clings to this omen only out of politeness.


It is a bad omen to pile up jars of different sizes and shapes in a house, assuming that they will be needed one day.

In ancient times, it was believed that if a woman collected various jars that were obviously of no use at home, she was predicting poverty and hunger in the family. Nowadays, people try not to do that so as not to clutter the room.

Experienced hostesses keep only spacious containers of a certain size. Moreover, jars can always be borrowed if needed.

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