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The strawberry season has begun: How to pick and wash berries properly

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The real strawberry season starts a few weeks in May and June. It is better to buy them during this time, as the fruits are ripe then and contain the most nutrients. You should choose from the market or large shops. The sellers should give full information about the place of cultivation and the conditions of transport of the goods.

What berries not to buy

Berries brought from far away look very attractive. They usually have the same size and shape. There is almost no difference in color shade either. This feature always unmistakably indicates that they are imported. The indisputable disadvantage of such goods is the long transport. Most likely it has been treated with unsafe chemicals, so it is better to refrain from buying it.

You should also check the packaging carefully. If moisture has accumulated, it means that the fruit has been lying too long and must be rotten.

Sometimes the contents of the plastic container cannot be seen. For this reason, it is best to buy strawberries by weight.

Also, the berries should not be limp, without stains on the surface. Dried-up tails may also indicate long transport. Such products are consumed or processed immediately, there is no way to preserve them.

Characteristics of quality berries

Strawberries grown under natural conditions are likely to have different sizes and shades of color. And although visually it does not look very good, it is desirable to choose it. Such berries have ripened in the open air and are unlikely to have been treated with a lot of harmful chemicals.

In addition, the tail should be green and fresh. The surface is always firm and slightly shiny. It is great to have the opportunity to smell the fruit. The ripe fruit is very fragrant and should not smell musty in any way.

Sometimes the traders even let you taste the produce. If you are so lucky, you know that good strawberries have a sour-sweet taste. If it is too sour, it is a sign of insufficient ripeness.

Buyers usually choose the biggest berries. They look very impressive, but the taste does not always depend on their size. Rather, it depends on the variety and the growing conditions.

Washing strawberries properly

Ripe strawberries are best kept in a dry and cool place. During transport and storage, they should not be stuffed into the container. It is also not recommended to press on the fruit as it may leak.

Sometimes the purchase is planned to be left for a few days. In this case, it is advisable to place it on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator. It is not necessary to tear off the tails and wash the strawberries to preserve them better.

Before serving, they should be put in a colander and washed thoroughly under cold running water. The strawberries should not be pulled from the stems so that they look more natural. Note, however, that there may be sand or clumps of soil underneath. 

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