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The big game, or style rules for real women.

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Another point is that this gift, like any other decent gift, needs decent “packaging”. That is, stylish, fashionable and beautiful clothes. But about the creation of such a wardrobe will have to work properly.
Closer to the body
Let’s start with the underwear. Properly picked up, it can do wonders for your silhouette, but just a few mistakes – and all efforts, coupled with the best clothes, will be in vain.

A woman with shape can not do without a corset. It makes the figure visually firmer and tighter. But it is necessary to choose it wisely, not trying to “pull” yourself from 54th to 48th, but also not tried by excessive freedom, three sizes larger. In the first case, above the “thin” waist and “narrow” hips will inevitably form some strange bumps and rolls (the displaced volume has to go somewhere!), and in the second case, just add yourself an extra layer of clothing that will increase the volume.

The right underwear will fit you like a glove and not create unnecessary bulges.

The linchpin
The next step is shoes. Heavy, high-performance models are not your thing; even plain “slippers” stay on the shelf. Vote for height, lightness and elegance. Feminine boots, ankle boots and shoes must have a heel.

Ideally, the higher the heel, the longer and slimmer the legs will look. Boldly try on all the models that you like and walk as long as possible to feel all the nuances and avoid unpleasant surprises. Soft (but not too thin) leather and a comfortable fit will ensure a flying gait.

A harmony of proportions
Clothes for a plus-size woman should be neither too voluminous nor too tight. In the first case, you visually add a few extra pounds, in the second – put all the unwanted ‘excess.

If you have large breasts and wide hips, do not pull the waist too tight – this will shift the emphasis even more on the wide parts of the body that you want to conceal.

A wide, dark belt is a great way to slim your waist. However, it should not have too much of an impact on your waist, but should only slightly accentuate it.
An exaggerated waist visually stretches the lower body and emphasizes the breasts.

No to flounces, pockets, pleats, ruffles, multi-layered clothing, as well as wide pants and skirts in classic length.

Yes to straight cut pants and jeans, tight skirts (to mid-knee or longer, below the ankle), pencil skirts, jackets to mid-thigh, the legendary black dress.

No to bright, contrasting transitions, sharp shapes and wide stripes.

Yes! Muted, rich colors, narrow, subtle, vertical stripes.

No! Shoulder pads and thick tights.

None, even the most refined tricks, can completely replace his majesty dress. Therefore, its silhouette requires special attention. The ideal cut for plump women is the A-shape or trapezoidal silhouette. The length – to the middle of the knee and below (of course, in combination with high-heeled shoes).

Looks great monochrome dress, “enlivened” with bright accessories – belt, bag, scarf or trendy bijouterie.

And now straighten your shoulders, because the right posture is another sign of a fit and slim woman! And take the first step – to a new life with a great new look.

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