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The 5 Best Ways to Find Out What Someone Really Thinks of You

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Sometimes it’s hard for people to know what they think of each other. They tend to pretend and adapt to the situation. However, some behavioral signals are instinctive and difficult to hide. These signs reveal how a person really feels about the other person.

Pay attention to the person’s posture.

A person’s posture indicates their current state of mind. If their arms and legs are relaxed and uncrossed, they are not moving away from you, and they are not looking you in the eye, then they are comfortable and comfortable with you.

On the other hand, if the person has a closed posture, they do not like, do not trust, and are afraid of their interlocutor.

In this case, their arms are often crossed over their chest, they lean back and hide an object from you.
genuine and fake smile.

the fake smile.

Due to the rules of social behavior, you are often forced to put on a fake smile. If you want to understand how you are really being treated, you need to know the signs of genuine and fake happiness.

A genuine smile appears unconsciously and instantly on your face in a moment of happiness. At this time, the brain receives a signal and commands the zygomatic muscles to smile.

In some people, the muscles around the eyes may tighten and lift the cheeks. The length and clarity of the smile depends on how strong the emotion is.

A fake smile is used to avoid conflict, to convince others that their feelings are genuine, or to make a hypocritical statement. It is an emotion that can be recognized. Wrinkles form around the eyes, the eyebrows do not move, and only the mouth is stretched.

A fake smile lasts longer than a real smile and disappears quickly. When people smile falsely, their face shows a mixture of emotions: The upper part expresses negativity or indifference, while the lower part tries to hide it.

Make eye contact

If a person maintains eye contact with you for most of a conversation and doesn’t look away, they are sincere.

If it’s the other way around, they are trying to hide something or are feeling a certain way. Staring at a specific point indicates embarrassment and insecurity; looking down indicates secrecy and shiftiness; pointing between the chest and eyes indicates interest in a man or woman; looking into the other person’s forehead indicates a business-like attitude; looking under the eyes indicates relaxed communication.

How he/she speaks

If your interlocutor is not interested in you, his/her responses will be brief; he/she will engage in conversation only when necessary and will not try to keep it going.

During the conversation, the disinterested person is constantly looking away or at the phone.

Is there a desire for touch?

This indicates that the recipient enjoys being in your company and wants to get to know you better.

Touching hair and shoulders, shaking hands, and the “high five” gesture show that you are considered a friend.

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