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Personal problems – personal time. Leader directives.

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As we know, there are two effective leadership systems – command and democracy. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which can be discussed endlessly. One thing is indisputable, each organization, company or collective has a manager with its own specific characteristics that determine its leadership style. The carrot or the baton. But in everything there must be a golden mean. You don’t need extremes when dealing with your subordinates. It is just as dangerous to distance the team leader too much and to be too close to the family.
In every team there are completely different situations. And the manager sometimes has to deal with extraordinary cases. How, for example, if one of the employees had a “misfortune” and he blamed various problems? To what extent can a supervisor, at any level, show sympathy to a subordinate?

Undoubtedly, sympathy for the poor man is necessary. In no case it is necessary to show indifference, even if the man does not know or you categorically do not like him.

But any compassion has its limits, sooner or later the interests of business will come to the fore. No matter how much you want to help him, you must be aware that you may jeopardize the interests of the company. You can, of course, play the role of lawyer, father, mother, psychotherapist…. But who will work and when?

Moreover, too ready or hasty help can start a vicious circle. It is possible for an employee to think that a supervisor is “all things to all people,” that he or she can be “harnessed,” or that a supervisor holds him or her in special esteem. The employee must realize that he or she must take charge of his or her own problems. He or she should not have to rely on his or her supervisor for everything in order to get the best results from his or her work, etc.

A superior must not show weakness, otherwise his subordinates will be happy to get on his nerves. Therefore, there should be a firm rule: There is a private time for personal problems. And if someone tries to hurt them, you should bring them down to earth immediately.

And if you’re in a leadership position, you should know that for all your compassion and desire to help your subordinate, business comes first.

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