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On what days in November should you get a haircut to attract money and luck?

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A haircut according to the lunar calendar is not just about making hair long, thick and healthy. There are days when a visit to the hairdresser can bring more than just a good haircut.

How hair is related to the energy of a person
Great importance is given to hair in all esoteric schools. Various teachings are devoted to this subject. They agree that hair is extremely important for energy generation.

It is considered a kind of antenna for receiving cosmic energy, because in ancient times both men and women avoided short haircuts.

Today we are not so fanatical about this information, allow us haircuts of any length and color, but still manipulations with the hair is better to plan, do not forget to verify date on calendar.

The right day for a haircut will help improve health and financial situation, get rid of negativity, find peace and harmony and change lives.

November 7-9

In November 2020, there are many days that are ideal for a haircut. So, from the 7th to the 9th, you can confidently try a new look.

Get a hairstyle that you previously refused due to shyness and indecision. It will help you gain incredible self-confidence and directly affect your financial situation.

People will be willing to give you money so that business and trade can start immediately. As an employee, if you have the courage to ask for a promotion, chances are that your request will be granted.

November 12.

Any haircut is influenced by Libra, which is responsible for balance, sense of proportion and ability to make good decisions.

Get at least your tips cut on this day to gain wisdom and money through your own good decisions.

If you visit a barber on this day, you can be sure that you will soon be able to intuitively choose from several options the one that will have the best effect on your money

November 18

Today is waxing Moon in the sign of Capricorn, which means that the outer transformation will bring curiosity and the ability to review the information carefully

A haircut on this day will have a positive effect not only on your finances but also on your overall happiness, so don’t miss it

November 21

November 21 is worth a haircut for risk-takers who dream of making a big, unexpected profit in an unconventional way. Just don’t do the usual hairstyles, the image should be equally unexpected, new, maybe even daring and extravagant.

Feel free to experiment with the length of your hair, its color and styling. Whatever you can do with your hair that day, the manipulation will be good for you.

Try to schedule your beauty appointment on one of these dates, and you will find that the lunar calendar really helps you change your life for the better.

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