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How to wear a coat without looking silly: 7 common mistakes

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It’s getting colder outside, so it’s time to pull warm outerwear out of your closets. A coat is a classic choice. It looks striking and solid if you don’t make a few mistakes.

Oversize under outerwear

To protect the neck from the influx of cold air, many people put a voluminous scarf under outerwear or oversized warm clothing. It is important to understand that such clothes hurt the silhouette, as there are lumps, “rolls”, which are extremely ugly to look at. In addition, the layered look can instantly increase your volume.

A combination with inappropriate clothing.

Some “fashionistas” prefer to combine summer and mid-season clothes. It is believed that an unusual image indicates the creativity of the person. But from the outside, such experiments usually look absurd and show a lack of skill in combining things from your own closet. If you decide to wear a coat, you should avoid miniskirts, ripped jeans and breeches.

Issues of cleanliness

Before you go outside, check your clothes for stains. There is usually a lot of mud and puddles in the spring and fall, and the splashes can get on your coat. If you have pets, don’t forget about hair, which can also affect the appearance of your clothes.

Wrong color scheme

Choosing the right color scheme is probably the most difficult thing when it comes to choosing a fashionable outfit. If you wear burgundy ankle boots and have a handbag in the same color, you should not choose a coat in this shade. In this case, it would be better to choose a nice chocolate or beige color so that you look harmonious and balance the brightness of your shoes and accessories.

Short coat

Some people have a negative attitude towards the classic coat length and prefer shorter models. However, this model often looks very unflattering: It disturbs the proportions of the figure, emphasizes the shortcomings. It is definitely not suitable for girls with strong hips.

Pockets packed with details.

It is very convenient to put important things in the coat pocket: keys, change, ID or student card, receipt from the last purchase. But this convenience costs us a disfigured figure and image. Lumps form, pockets contract, which looks unsightly. It is better to keep all the small things in a purse.

Wrong style.

Sometimes the correctly chosen model and style can hide the weaknesses of the figure and highlight the advantages. Unfortunately, not every woman pays attention to this and chooses what is fashionable and not what suits her, and in vain.

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