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How to get a salary increase

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Of course, there is a radical way to increase your salary – a change of job. But if you are satisfied with the job and the team, and everything is in order, except for a decent salary for the job, then why take such decisive steps? Perhaps you should try to get a raise at his workplace.
First, ask yourself why you need a raise. Of course, money is always a good thing, but it is a clear understanding of why you need it depends on how persistent and confident you go to achieve the cherished goal – an increase in income. There are several ways to achieve the desired result, but as we know, not all means are equally good. However, I would advise you to follow a well-trodden path – work effectively and defend your position to the management. Prove to your superiors that you are indeed a valuable employee. I’m not going to get into the lyrical aspects of an office romance for career development purposes. I am sure that is the wrong way to promote yourself.

How desirable is your job? Do you stay calm all day at work or are you constantly running for the smokehouse? be honest for yourself. If you’re giving the company not only your time, but also your energy and expertise, then it’s definitely time to talk to your manager about it.

seriously, don’t be agressive with it. Check with your colleagues to see who and how you discussed the possibility of a raise before you did and how management responded. Then you can go to HR and ask how things are going in the company, if there will be any changes or indexing of income. Overall, you should have a complete picture of what you want and what the company can offer you.

For the “decision battle” – the conversation with the executive – you should prepare the ground. Monitor the market to find out what the average salaries are for professionals in your field. And also familiarize yourself with their list of responsibilities. The better informed you are in this regard, the easier it will be for you to justify yourself and thus convince the management that you deserve more.

Now , Arrange a meeting with your supervisor and have a conversation. make it face-to-face conversation. Nothing should distract you during the conversation. A smile is an undeniable weapon of self-affirmation. Practice at home, speak the basic phrases so that you come across as calm and clear in your conversations. My advice to you: try to look the leader directly in the eyes, let him speak, do not interrupt him, answer at the right moment, and success will be on your side. In an appropriate manner, tell him about your achievements and about your interest in working in this company and under the direct supervision of your boss. Also, casually mention personal circumstances. A little flattery can’t hurt, but only in therapeutic doses. Getting along with management is half the battle. Being helpful is the other half. At the end of the interview, make it clear when the boss can respond to you. This is important. Then you will have the opportunity to contact them again.

Don’t get upset if you don’t get that coveted raise on the first try. Experience can not be boughtة After such a conversation, your bosses will at least know that you want more. Then, when you’re planning a new budget or talking about a raise, they’ll be sure to remember you. Remember that persistence and initiative are the keys to success. Good luck!

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