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Floral stories or What is floristry?

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Every woman has been given flowers at least once in her life. How many pleasant feelings each of us feels at that moment. And really – what can be better than a bouquet of flowers? Unless furs or diamonds!
You must have noticed that all bouquets of flowers retain their freshness in different ways. Some last for a month, while others “bow out” the very next day. So secrets? Of course, you can blame it all on the bad seller who gave you stale flowers. But the truth is somewhere else. It is not only beautiful, but also properly bouquet – it is an art and science! And all this is called floristry.

From history
Whether you know that the composite floral compositions are known to us since the XIV-XV centuries, and older forms of bouquets can be considered wreaths, garlands, flower dispersings. It is interesting that the very first bouquets were very small (boutonnierki), they were attached to clothing for decoration, but their main function was quite different . For this reason, fragrant flowers such as carnations, mignonette and jasmine were chosen.
The word “bouquet” itself means a beautifully arranged bunch of cut flowers. And only at eighteen. Century came into fashion the large bouquets of flowers that have reached our days – earlier they decorated rooms. And in the XX century began to give bouquets for various holidays and occasions. Over time, the shape of the bouquet has changed: Look in a flower store today – what are the masterpieces, true works of art! A bouquet can be upright, round, unconventional, bridal, whatever your heart desires.

If you want to please someone, you do not have to buy a bouquet of scarlet roses! Sometimes a single flower, creatively arranged, brings more happiness than you would expect.

The language of flowers
In different cultures, among different peoples, flowers symbolize youth, beauty, bloom. The language of flowers was born in the East and, of course, created by women. Flowers were used to secretly express feelings. For example, acacia means “secret love”, orchid means “diligence”, white carnation means “contempt”, red chrysanthemum means “I love you” and yellow chrysanthemum means “unacceptable love”, red rose means “real love”
means “secret, achieve the impossible”, bell means “thinking of you”, the list is without end. So, if you accept flowers as a gift, you can also recognize a hidden message. Of course, the important thing is that the giver himself is aware of the meaning of his gift.

Style flower arrangements in the old days, when flowers have not been modified by breeding and grew only in nature, determined by the availability of plants, fashion, design room. Today, thanks to the possibilities of science, the art of flower arranging almost no limits in terms of material. Some countries have even become leading suppliers of flowers, such as the famous Dutch tulips.

The florist
For those who can not imagine life without flowers and want to be creative, today there are many flower arranging schools and courses. The choice of school depends on the skills of the teachers and, of course, the price. Training is usually carried out within the framework of author programs that offer a combination of theoretical and practical lessons. All participants of a floristry course are provided with the necessary materials and tools for practice.
In the courses you will learn to work with flower arrangements and be ready to create unique works from fresh flowers and dried plants, gift and wedding bouquets, as well as decorate interiors with flower arrangements – in short, to create in your chosen field.

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