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As soon as I leave the house, I always close the washing machine – bitter experience has taught me that.

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After buying a new washing machine, I carefully studied the instruction manual. It clearly indicated that the door must be left open after use.

And this environment is very conducive to the growth of bacteria and mold.
To avoid such mischief, I followed the recommendations carefully and always left the door open after washing. But then one day an incident happened that made me rethink my approach a bit.

Flood protection
One day I was on my way back from the market. An unpleasant smell of sewage rose to my nostrils. I entered the kitchen and was startled. There was a large puddle of muddy water on the floor. I hurried to find the cause of this phenomenon and found that it was running through the side of the washing machine tank.

The murky, smelly water kept coming in and out, and I didn’t know what to do. An outraged downstairs neighbor rang the doorbell and complained that I had flooded her apartment. Now the kitchen had been renovated .

I called the plumber and asked for urgent help. He fixed the problem and then explained how the dirty water got into the washing machine.

In most cases, the drain hose is plugged into the trap under the sink. If the pipes under the faucet are clogged, the water starts to flow into the machine’s hoses. From there, it will flow safely into the drum.

If the door is not closed, it drips onto the floor. And that’s exactly what happened in my kitchen. And because I was gone for so long, the damage was extensive. Not only did I have to clean all the dirt out of the kitchen, but I also had to pay for the repairs in my neighbor’s apartment.

Since then, I slam the car door as soon as I want to leave.

I don’t want water to build up inside, and it won’t hurt much if such a mishap happens again.

Safety of children and pets

Then I checked the internet – some housewives also close the doors, but for a different reason. If there are small children in the house, an interesting machine will surely attract their attention.

And the door can also be rolled around if the mother is not paying attention. A child can break it if he hangs in the top.

There have even been cases of a child climbing into the drum of the washing machine and not getting out.

I remembered that my beloved cat Pushok always hides somewhere, he likes secluded places. One day I found him sleeping peacefully on the laundry that had been prepared for washing. He thought the drum of the machine was a cozy place suitable for a quiet rest. And if I hadn’t peeked in before washing, something very unpleasant might have happened to the cat.

When my little granddaughter comes to visit, I close the door until it clicks.

And before washing, I check to make sure my furry little darling hasn’t accidentally gotten in.

When to open the door
But I still don’t forget the manufacturer’s recommendations for these appliances.

I always dry the inside of the unit thoroughly after washing without closing the door. Let the barrel dry and air out.

And when my granddaughter grows up, I explain to her not to ride on the door. After all, the washing machine is our faithful helper, and you have to take care of it.

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