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8 signs that you are much smarter than you previously thought.

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It turns out that you can diagnose high intelligence without special tests. Self-deprecation, messiness, and even a fondness for cats are all signs that you’re gifted.

Someone who can crack jokes and enjoys doing so.

Humor comes in all shapes and sizes, from dark and vulgar to subtle and ironic. Knowing the difference and choosing a joke that is appropriate to the situation is something only an educated person can do.

For this reason, it is considered that appropriate humor is characteristic of intellectually developed people.

A person who likes to joke often tends to self-irony and self-analysis, which, unfortunately, is inaccessible to narrow-minded people.

You are an owl.

Social experiments have proven that night owls are capable of high work output with minimal use of physical resources.

“Early risers” tend to drop out of the work routine entirely at the end of the day, while “owls” maximize their ability to be creative.

This trait allows Midnighters to solve problems in unconventional ways. Owls often produce talented people like Mark Zuckerberg and Ilon Musk.

Seldom set in front of TV

Television indiscriminately loads the memory with a huge amount of information that is sometimes completely useless in life.

The brain works hard to process and organize the data, which often leads to the loss of really important information and the inability to solve current problems.

Intellectuals rarely watch TV and limit themselves to selected shows and useful programs to avoid clogging the memory.

One is not bored alone

For an intellectual, being alone is an excuse to devote time to something important or useful: watching a movie, reading a book, or learning a foreign language, . No one is stopping you from absorbing and analyzing information.

Educated people often consciously choose a solitary life and focus on their career and self-fulfillment.

Other people’s successes do not arouse envy

Only someone who cares more about the opinions of others than his own successes will be annoyed by the achievements of others. Therefore, a feeling of uncontrollable envy for the welfare of others is considered a sign of stupidity.

An intellectual cares about other people’s successes because he can draw intelligent conclusions from them and use them to achieve his own goals.

Love cats

Psychologists believe that a pet reflects the personality traits of the owner.

Thus, an extrovert would prefer a dog, while an introvert would prefer a cat. After all, cats are sufficiently independent animals that do not require special care.

An introvert often retreats into his own thoughts and inner world. Having a cat as a pet will not prevent one from acquiring knowledge.

Do not think that you know everything

It is impossible to know absolutely everything. But ignorant people with university degrees often boast about their own knowledge, which they consider complete.

For the intellectual, on the other hand, any knowledge gained raises a host of new questions.

Only an intelligent person is able to recognize gaps in his own knowledge.

There is no perfect order in the house

Clutter is not always a sign of laziness or randomness.

Creative people work effectively at a desk with chaotically scattered papers. Practice shows that even successful business people who are used to clutter get lost in perfect order.

Creative people are simply used to seeing the big picture around them, rather than dwelling on small details.

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