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7 things you should not do in the evening, according to Omen.

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There is always a lot to do at home after work. You should think twice about doing them late at night. There are several omens for this effect.


It is believed that it brings bad luck to argue in the evening or at night. Arguments release negative energy and accumulate in the home.

Our ancestors believed that a lump of negativity attracts evil spirits. In addition, people who stay in such an atmosphere for a long time can develop health problems.

Increased emotionality affects the human psyche.

Hanging laundry out to dry

Sometimes the only time to do laundry is in the evening after work. But when the sun has set, it is dangerous to dry laundry outdoors.

Personal items should not be seen by anyone, as they reflect the energy of a person. They can be easily influenced by some kind of curse or evil eye.

Our ancestors believed that if someone disliked you, it was enough to take a look at your personal items to cause illness or discomfort.

Replacing a burnt-out light bulb

Sometimes a light bulb goes off unexpectedly in the house at night.

It is not a good idea to plug in a new light bulb in the evening.

The superstition is difficult to explain logically. It is believed that the source of light is personified with the bright time of day. Together with a burned-out light bulb, one supposedly twists luck out of the house.

Give or borrow money

It is generally believed that in the evening and at night one should not handle money, neither cash nor material assets. There are several variants to explain this omen.

Some believe that this way you can lose luck in financial matters.

If you count cash in the evening or at night, you may incur unnecessary expenses and possibly become impoverished in the near future.

There is another explanation: money simply needs a break.

Leaving sharp objects on the table.

There are situations when you cut something in the evening and leave a knife on the table, just forget about it and go to bed.

Our ancestors considered it a bad thing to do something to a house ghost. If he sees sharp objects on the table, he may take offense and bring disease or leprosy upon the owners of the home he will control.

It is a good idea to clear the table and clean up the kitchen.

Take out the garbage

A ritual of taking out the garbage late at night is considered a bad omen. There are two mystical explanations for this.

First, the garbage should be left in the house until the morning because the housekeeper might find something for himself there during the night. It was believed that he could use something to improve the house.

Second, if you took the garbage outside, you could get yourself into trouble and lose harmony in the house.

Do chores around the house

Evening is a time of rest after a hard day’s work. Therefore, it is believed that during this time it is not allowed to clean, cook, wash clothes and iron.

A house, like its owner, should have the opportunity to rest and gather strength for the new day.

Superstition, on the other hand, seems strange, because only after the work is done do you have time to complete your daily tasks. Whether to believe in superstitions or not is up to each person, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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