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7 interesting facts about women that men should know too.

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Sometimes it seems that women and men come from different planets. They are so different that sometimes it is difficult to understand each other. We’ll tell you about the amazing facts that characterize the beautiful half of humanity.

Can not do without adjectives

A woman sees the world more holistically than a man, and she needs to convey the diversity of what it is filled with: details, colors, shades.

A woman’s language is poetic. Men are laconic, more precise in their descriptions of objects and actions. They speak simply, articulately and dynamically, with fewer comparisons and more concrete sentences.

Large vocabulary

The vocabulary of the fair sex is usually richer than that of the opposite sex. Each hemisphere of the brain works in a different way than the other.

Women’s brains are physically smaller, but have more nerve fibers and thus more intercellular connections.

Men have a more developed left hemisphere, which works with facts, logic, details and language. Women have the right hemisphere, which is associated with perceiving the whole in its complexity and diversity. They always lack the words to express themselves.

Living longer than men

In Russia, the average life expectancy of women is higher than that of men. The difference is quite large – 78.5 and 68.6 years. In other countries the situation is almost identical.

Women are more active in taking care of their health, less likely to get involved in addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes, and less likely to take risks. As the real custodians of life, they will not do the things that destroy life.

The female body is more flexible, resilient and able to adapt to change more easily and is capable of tremendous self-healing. Even carrying, breastfeeding and caring for a child is a burden that the male body cannot handle.

Often dissatisfied with their appearance

According to statistics, 95% of the female population suffers from dissatisfaction with themselves.

This is largely inspired by the media, which showcases models with perfect shapes, makeup, luscious hair and elaborate outfits.

But often this perfect beauty is the result of Photoshop. And that’s not the point. As the poet Nikolai Zabolotsky said, “What is beauty and why do people idolize it? Is it a vessel in which there is emptiness, or a fire that flickers in the vessel?”

Good at distinguishing smells and tastes

Girls have a finer sense of smell and taste than the other half of humanity.

However, this is more true for the “sweet,” while bitter and salty are more vividly perceived by men.

Men blink less than women.

All women are usually emotional. They are often not quite sure of themselves, tend not to care about anything, and are too concerned about little things.

Frequent blinking is a result of this emotional tension.

Sometimes the stronger sex.

It is already clear from the above that women are not the weaker sex.

In the war years, for example, some of the best snipers were girls. Patience, intuitive foresight and the ability to disguise themselves helped them.
In Israel, women are required to serve in the military. They serve 24 months, young men 36 months. The “weaker sex” is forcibly recruited in North Korea, Eritrea, Taiwan and China.

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