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5 Ways to Create a Solid and Stylish Look with a Stole

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Stoles add elegance and femininity to the image. The same outfit, complemented by a beautiful scarf or shawl, is able to completely change a lady’s image.

These versatile accessories can be tied in different ways and can be worn not only with coats but also with down and leather jackets.

Bulk knot

This is the original and simplest way to tie a stole. Fold it in half and join the edges, then throw it around your neck, we let the ends out in the loop that is created and tighten it slightly. Make sure that the knot is voluminous.

If one edge of the product hangs lower than the other, it is a French version. It will complement the evening look.

Such a way is good for voluminous warm scarves and suitable for winter pictures – classic coats, down jackets without hood.

Cowboy version

To make a cowboy knot, fold a square scarf into a triangle. Holding the long corners in your palms, bring your hands behind your head and tie them together at the back, pulling the wide angle closer to your neck.

If you bring the ends of the scarf to the front and tie it on the chest, you will have a combination of French and cowboy style.

A light silk scarf tied this way looks best with blouses and jackets that have a plunging neckline.

A warmer, e.g. mottled or thin wool scarf is perfectly combined with outerwear: Jackets, voluminous jumpers, blouses, cardigans.

Knots with free edges

To tie a scarf this way, we throw the ends back so that the middle is under the chin, wrap it around the neck and don’t tie it too tightly at the front.

Hide the knot under the scarf and untangle the loose ends nicely.

The method is ideal for a warm wool stole in a check – it’s a classic of the genre. It’s warm in winter and cozy in early spring. Great with plain coats, jackets and mackintoshes.

Tight around the neck

Wrap a thin, wavy stole around the neck and wrap it around several times. Let the edges hang loosely or tuck them under your clothes.

Loosely undone, they look stylish with wide-open outerwear. And concealed ends of the scarf and buttoned coat buttons create a business image.

Fasten with a belt

A trendy option for a wide long scarf with fringe. Wrap it around the neck and let the ends hang forward so that one is lower than the other. We spread them and attach the long edge with the sash of your coat, and the short one is tucked underneath.

There is also the second variation. We determine the center of the scarf, throw the edges back and, after crossing them, bring them to the front. We fasten the belt at the waist just above the stole.

This is a very interesting and unusual option that can be combined with all kinds of outerwear, provided there is a belt.

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