3 ways to surprise the family with colorful pasta – even small children will appreciate it.

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After all, every day it is impossible to find the money and energy to prepare a gourmet or exotic dish. However, experienced housewives know the secrets of how to prepare even banal, well-known pasta in an original way. One such way to vary a boring dinner is colorful noodles. This dish is quick to prepare, using the most readily available ingredients.

Color it red

Before you start cooking, you need to decide on your choice of coloring.

It is well known that artificial additives, so common on the market today, are harmful to health. Therefore, you should give preference to natural means when coloring pasta. The necessary ingredients can be found in almost every kitchen.

The red hue of vermicelli, for example, is achieved by boiling beetroot. First cook the beetroot in a separate bowl, strain it through a sieve and add it to a pot with the boiling noodles.

The more of the mixture you stir into the vermicelli, the richer the shade of color you will get. The color can easily be adjusted to your liking: from pale pink to deep burgundy.

In the summer season, you can also use strawberries. Remember, however, that in this case the noodles will not be as bright as with beetroot.

Painting blue

Blue pasta can easily be made with ordinary blueberries.

For this purpose, the berries should be thoroughly washed and then whipped in a blender together with a small amount of water. Then the resulting berry mixture is added to a pot of boiling vermicelli.

Remember that the same principle applies here: the more dye – the lighter the coloring of the noodles.

Dye it green

Green spaghetti is obtained with the help of broccoli. Finely chop the vegetables by hand or chop them in a food processor. Toss the resulting mixture in a saucepan with the pasta.

The final shade depends on the amount of vegetable mixture: from a light salad color to a dark green color. The same effect is achieved when spinach is taken instead of broccoli.

If there are children in the house, such colorful pasta will surely pleasantly surprise your child. Monotony quickly bores inquisitive toddlers – and this also applies to food. Colorful noodles will attract the children’s attention and they will be happy to help with the cooking.

The main thing to remember is that along with the hue, natural colorings can easily change the taste of the dish. But this does not make them any less delicious.

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